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All IPCC definitions taken from Climate Change 2007: The Physical Science Basis. Working Group I Contribution to the Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Annex I, Glossary, pp. 941-954. Cambridge University Press.

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Climate Graphics by Skeptical Science

Scientific Consensus on Global Warming

Complete Carbon Cycle

Incomplete Carbon Cycle

Solar vs Temperature

Waste heat vs Greenhouse warming

Temperature Composite

Warming Indicators

Examples of Cloud Feedback

CO2 History

Inaction vs Action

Global Warming Components

NH Snow Extent

10 Temperature Records

Vulnerable Countries

Cherry Tree

Hansen vs Lindzen

Respiration Carbon Cycle

97% consensus on human-caused global warming

CO2 Emissions vs IPCC Scenarios

Grand Solar Minimum

North Carolina sea level

Don Easterbrook Projections vs Observations

Don Easterbrook Projection vs Observations (zoomed)

2 hottest years: 2005 & 2010

Human CO2 emissions 130x volcanic, v2

Scientists vs Public Opinion

Human Fingerprints

OISM Climate Scientists

Sea Ice Prediction

Sea Level Predictions

Greenhouse understanding

Climategate Enquiries

Past Climate Nudge

FAR Projection

1970s Climate Papers

Coal Power Price and External Costs

Global Temperature vs Sum of Climate Forcings

Total Heat Content (2011 update)

The Escalator

Arctic sea ice extent over 1,450 years

Snow Extent

UAH Trends

Foster and Rahmstorf trends

Foster and Rahmstorf All

Mean Sea Level

Step Function

BEST Cherry Picking

Global Sea Ice

Human vs. Natural Contributions to Global Warming

Solar Contribution to Global Warming

200 Years of Milestones in Climate Science

Milestones in Climate Science: 1820 to 1930

Milestones in Climate Science: 1930 to 1960

Milestones in Climate Science: 1960 to 2010

Arctic Sea Ice Escalator

Nuccitelli et al 2012 Total Heat Content

Total Heat Content vs Surface Temperature

ENSO Temperature Trends

Cosmic Rays and Climate moving in opposite directions

Cosmic Rays vs Climate

Melted North Pole

Galactic Cosmic Rays vs. Temps

Denier predictions vs IPCC projections

TCP: Total number of abstracts

TCP: Percentage of abstracts

TCP: Total number of self-rated papers

TCP: Percentage of self-rated abstracts

TCP: 21 years of consensus

The Consensus Gap

TCP: the scientific consensus on climate change

John Cook and Naomi Oreskes

TCP: perceived consensus across political ideology

The consensus gap

Climate consensus and resistance

Rock Weathering CO2 Cycle (with annotations)

Rock Weathering CO2 Cycle (no annotations)

Human Fingerprints

Invisible carbon dioxide

Future global warming under business-as-usual

Greenhouse Effect

97% consensus pie chart

Misinformation Blitz

Global warming at 4 Hiroshimas per second

Media Coverage of Consensus Paper

Timeline EPICA human evolution and civilization

Clean Coal through Carbon SequESCHERing

Arctic Methane Release


Two decades attacking the consensus

Attack the Consensus

CO2 Shotput x40

CO2 to trash in trash trucks

CO2 Saturation Myth Part 1: Water Tank Analogy

CO2 Saturation Myth Part 2: Atmosphere

Non sequitur logical fallacy

Managing Risk

4 ways contrarian papers get published

Increased risk from heatwaves

Quantum Theory of Climate Denial

CO2: Global vs Mauna Loa

Tol quote on consensus

Timeline of Bio-Logging Climate Data

ARGO Probe Cycle

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